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Nikki Pebbles, M.S.

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Who is Nikki?

A Rockstar in the World of Career, Personal Development, and Wellness" - Self Magazine

Creative, strategic, and always marching to my own beat, I am a proud multi-passionate individual who believes in the power of forging your own path. My diverse background spans from building a six-figure international digital wellness platform to working as a digital content producer at Google, to my current role as a career advisor in higher education. With over 12 years of experience in content development and strategy, my creative drive has always been a significant asset in every role I’ve taken on.

In addition to my creative background, I hold a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. With this degree, I have worked with hundreds of Gen Z and university-level students, developed curricula focused on interview skills and resume building, and, most importantly, emphasized the power of personal branding.

Whether facilitating a panel, producing a podcast, or coaching, my unique journey is my superpower, and my goal is to help others see how their uniqueness is their superpower too.

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New York City

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Speaking + Hosting

Speaking, creating community, and forging authentic connections are just some of Nikki's strengths as a speaker and host. She is an expert in creating memorable experiences, ranging from hosting corporate workshops about productivity and well-being to collaborating with Google on goal-setting events.

things I love to talk about...

Everyone is a Content Creator: How Creating ​Content Can Change Your Life + Career

This talk explores the transformative power of content ​creation and how anyone can leverage it to make a ​significant impact.

The Impact Resume: How to Story-Tell Through Your ​Resume

In this presentation, I emphasize the art of storytelling ​through your resume to capture the attention of ​potential employers

Strategies for MESSY Motivation: Providing ​Actionable Steps and Strategies to Help Individuals ​Set and Achieve Their Goals Effectively

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