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Nikki Pebbles, MS

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"A Rockstar in the World of Personal Development and Wellness" - Self Magazine

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Who is Nikki?

  • Career and Business Strategist
  • Master's of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Creative Content Strategist
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Award Winning Group Fitness Instructor of 12 years
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New York City

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Past Initiatives


  • Produced the 5 part workshop Digital workshop series for Googlers called ‘Mindset Boost’ that focused on burnout, employee wellbeing, productivity at work and morning routines

Focus Forward Coaching

  • Built an interview curriculum focused on helping neurodivergent college students during the interview phases of the job search.
  • Worked together with the non profit, She’s the First: Built workshop programming focused on employee branding strategy and optimization of Linkedin accounts.


  • Created a Leadership Program for grades 6-12 which focused on helping young girls develop leaderships skills.
  • Designed the Professionals in Motion Program, during students’ gym periods, featuring over 20 professionals from a range of industries throughout the school year and panels in collaboration with the Physical Education Department and Guidance Counselors.

Speaking + Hosting

Speaking, creating community, and forging authentic connections are just some of Nikki's strengths as a speaker and host. She is an expert in creating memorable experiences, ranging from hosting corporate workshops about productivity and well-being to collaborating with Google on goal-setting events.

Whether she's captivating the audience at virtual gatherings or engaging them in-person, Nikki's passion for creating meaningful experiences shines through, making each interaction special and unforgettable.

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KeyNote Topics

Strategies for REALISTIC Motivation: Providing actionable steps and strategies to help individuals set and achieve their goals effectively.

Navigating Entrepreneurship and Success: Sharing lessons and experiences from the journey as an entrepreneur, including tips for building and growing a successful brand.

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Empowering Special Populations: Advocating for the empowerment and support of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including special populations, to foster inclusivity and belonging.